Sunday, March 06, 2011


hello’s been so long I did not drop by here. well, just busy around with student matter as usual. so, what now huh? I think I should brush up my English. you know, practice makes perfect. so, since long time I don’t even write or read any English resources, even touch my unread February edition CLEO magazine, I feel retard writing here..Hahaha..

how are you peeps? what are you guys up to? 

when I said, life is all about try maybe they don’t accept my philosophy about the life. I see life in different dimension; since maybe they don’t either. well, I love to try. even at the smallest things. I can’t deny that I’m an insecure person. I think I’ll just loss my face if i try something new unless I dared to do that. I never had a brave to put any try on racing game with my friends, do crazy move on midnight party, night walking in the jungle, be ridiculous, try exotic foods and whatever. time is too short to try all these. that’s why I just grab everything in front of me and do try everything. hey, move your ass out there and get a life!! I love those words. of course, bcoz I’m the one who create this slogan.  :P

it’s breaking rehab session! I made up my relationship again. that’s awesome! shitt..don’t think so. I’m so scared to say anything. lalala..
yahoo..i’ve got reading for my final year project. Alhamdulillah, everything just went okay so far. I hope it stays smooth until last. well, no more weekend in my life. I’ve to work on lab during leisure even on every weekend. sucks it up. oh gosh…!! dont sigh girl!!erm, you know what, when I see the outcomes, I feel the real satisfaction that I can never tell in words. it just gives me returns for all my efforts. Thank Allah. I should not give up and keep staying the momentum of effort. Allah, bless me :)

but, I so miss my home. I never stay at my ‘jail cell’ too long. at least in 2 weeks I will go back home. so miss my mom’s cooking. but, I’ve no time to pamper myself at home like before. I’ve got so many things to take care of specially my lab works.* crying* I’m sick of these mess. :’(

my heart says, it’s gonna be just fine in a very soon, wishfully. okay guys, I wana start writing my thesis. so, off here.

moaning signal :P

big hugs,

What A Girl Wants

A boy who will hold his girlfriend around the waist and kiss her neck and whisper in her ear ”you’re beautifull”. If his freinds say something nasty about her he will flip. Text her first. Tell her every night he loves her. Texts her good morning beautiful. Makes the effort. Not flirt with other girls. Compliment everything about her. If she wants a hug, hush up and hold her like she is gold.